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I'm two years late to this game, but I seriously loved it! Mike and Steph's personalities were both really fun in seeing them interact (with each other + with MC) !! I haven't seen a Twitter interactive fic as an entry to game jams before, but I'm so happy I got to see this one! Love the art and this was really cute!

Aww thank you that's so sweet :D (Especially since we've just started a new project, far bigger but with a lot of similarities to this one, so that's encouraging ^^)


i'm so excited to see! good luck with working on it! :''>

Thanks! \o/


Oh my god, I've played interactive fiction before but never on Twitter! It took me a little bit to figure out how it actually worked but I got the hang of it eventually. It was super adorable. ^_^ I'd love to see Mike and Steph in something else! I really got a sense for their personalities even through such a short game.

Thank you ^^ I'm really thinking about reusing the portraits indeed, I think they are wonderful and I feel guilty to only use them for this short fiction, they deserve something else :D