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Really cute one-shot.


Thanks ^_^


Cute, you should expand this further.


A neat little VN with a card game mechanic at the end. You can get through it in probably under 30 mins, so no excuse to miss out! Dialogue is nice and westerny, and works well throughout the card game too.


Thanks ^^ I'm super happy with how the dialogs turned out during the card game, we integrated them pretty late and I think it made that mini game so much more alive!


I liked this a lot! The art was really good, and I wasn't expecting a full on card game!

Thank you :D

It took me until the end of the game to understand why it was was called "u no" XD

Love the graphics, the story, and the game!


Ahah yeah that's a mean pun, Malindy is to blame for that :'D Thanks!

so cute!!!

Thanks ^^ I think so too :D (I can say that, I only did the programming :p)

great work :DDD

This was so cuter and the style is unique! I enjoyed the mix of card game and visual novel!!

Thank you ^_^


this was really good, and I was impressed when it suddenly switched into a full-on card game... I do wish the intro scenes had some music though, it was a bit difficult to figure out the proper mood... but once the card game started, it felt very clear! love it


Thank you ^-^ Yeah we removed the music for the intro dialog because it felt a bit annoying ^^'
Thank you for the jam, I've only played two other games for now but it's so full of good vibes \o/