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WARNING: Game made for the game jam "Make Something Horrible". So, yeah. It's meant to be horrible ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What if famous games had been made by a different studio? This is the theme of the Make Something Horrible 2018 game jam by Canard PC: https://itch.io/jam/make-something-horrible-2018

My entry is Katamari's Gate, or Baldur's Gate made by Keita Takahashi.

(Of course, Keita Takahashi is in no way involved in the development of this silly game, neither is any right owner of Baldur's Gate or Katamari, this is only a fun/parody game.)

Install instructions

How to install:

Simply unzipp the game folder somewhere on your computer and launch .exe.

How to play:

- Gamepad: use the two joysticks (works at least with XBox 360 gamepads)

- Keyboard + mouse: use direction arrows or ZQSD (or reconfigure in game
launcher for other keyboard configuration) to move and mouse to move the


KatamarisGate.zip 17 MB


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Honestly I find this game far more nifty than horrible. :D  The funniest part was when I realized my HP was waaaay below zero after repeatedly trying to roll up the biggest critter, before I figured out what I still could go and roll up.

Ahah thanks \o/ I'm curious though, how did you end up finding that game 3 years after it was published? :')


Oh ... I just tried Itch.io for the first time within the last week.  I'm a katamari nut so the first thing I tried was a search for 'katamari'.

Ooh okay :) 

and it always get a download error

my pc thinks this is a virus

Yeah you'll find it thinks so about most Unity games downloaded as a simple folder :) If you trust me enough, you can click on "show more info" and then "execute anyway" or something like that! (But I won't hold any grudge if you don't!)

Oui bonjour, j'aimerai récupérer les 10 minutes de ma vie que j'ai perdu hypnotisé par ce truc.

C'est normal qu'on puisse pas mourir? et l'or ne sert a rien ?

Désolé, pas de remboursement :/ 

Et la vie est trop courte pour mourir, et l'or c'est un truc de capitaliste !

J'ai galéré comme un porc, j'ai même pas eu le courage d'aller jusqu'aux poules haha, les rats m'ont déjà donné trop de fil à retordre :D
Les contrôles sont étranges, ou alors ça vient peut-être de moi qui ne joue pas à ce genre de jeu en temps normal !

C'est un peu galère au début quand tu es encore tout petit, ouais :)

"je aaah" résume parfaitement cette expérience jeu-vidéoludique

Je suis pas trop sûr de comment interpréter le "je aaah" ^^'

is it horrible or just funny as hell :P

Well I guess it depends on your tolerance to Paint art ^^

Both of them :D