A small puzzle game about spreading colors made in 14h for Miz Jam 1 (art by KENNEY) \o/

Controls: Arrows to move, S to start and stop spreading, R to restart a level, C to continue to next level.

Sources: https://github.com/Grhyll/MizJam1

(WebGL version was submitted after jam end, but is exactly the same as the jam version, there was simply a game breaking bug about texture y orientation on WebGL vs Windows...)

Soo yep, that's a puzzle game.

It's pretty hard, a few extra tutorial levels could have been great, but I learned about the jam a bit too late to give it as much time as it needed! In the end I could only spend 14h on it, and that's why there's no sound sadly (and even more sadly, no Undo shortcut >_<).

Just don't forget to think a bit out of the box, and to not overthink the solutions \o/

Teaser + timelapse of the making (that's the same video on the right):

Made withUnity
Average sessionAbout an hour


Spread-Windows.zip 17 MB

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